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Seminar khoa học của PGS.TS Huỳnh Kim Lâm

Vào 10h15 ngày 26/03/2024, Viện IAST tổ chức buổi trao đổi học thuật tại Phòng A901 với khách mời PGS.TS Huỳnh Kim Lâm (Trường Đại học Quốc Tế – Đại học Quốc Gia Thành phố Hồ Chí Minh), nội dung chi tiết như sau: 

PGS.TS Huỳnh Kim Lâm trình bày về "Multiscale Modeling and Simulation:  Development of Computational Tools and Applications in Combustion, Atmospheric Chemistry and  Natural-Products/Materials Design"

Tóm tắt: 

Computational modeling and simulation have served not only as a powerful descriptive tool for validating existing principles and knowledge but also as a robust predictive approach to knowledge discovery in science and engineering. Recent advances in information technology, algorithms, and scientific methods, which allow faster and more accurate calculations for more realistic systems, have laid a solid foundation for bridging the time and length scale from fundamental science to real engineering challenges. In this talk, a demonstration of how to bridge fundamental chemistry/physics and reaction engineering modeling/simulation will be presented for a wide array of applications in combustion, atmospheric chemistry, and (bio-)materials design. To facilitate the multiscale applications, the main features of our in-house computational tools, including MultiSpecies-MultiChannel (MSMC)1 and SurfKin2 code, for complex chemical systems will be introduced. New combined methodologies and approaches (e.g., machine learning3) for such interests will also be discussed.