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A size-dependent effect of smart functionally graded piezoelectric porous nanoscale plates

Chúng tôi vui mừng thông báo rằng TS. Thái Hoàng Chiến và các đồng nghiệp gần đây đã xuất bản công trình của họ có tựa đề "A size-dependent effect of smart functionally graded piezoelectric porous nanoscale plates" trên tạp chí International Journal of Mechanics and Materials in Design.

Tóm tắt:

This paper presents a size-dependent isogeometric analysis of smart functionally graded porous nanoscale plates made of two piezoelectric materials. Two porous distributions, namely even and uneven, are considered along the thickness direction. To take into account for size-dependent effects, the nonlocal elasticity theory proposed by Eringen is employed to investigate the behaviors of the smart nanoplate. An electric potential field is adopted based on the Maxwell's equation. The governing equations for smart functionally graded piezoelectric porous nanoplates are obtained and utilized by a combination of higher-order shear deformation theory and non-uniform rational B-splines formulations. The present approximation is capable of meeting the necessary conditions with at least third-order derivatives in the approximate formulations of the smart nanoplate. The natural frequencies of the smart nanoplate are fully investigated by studying the influences of power-law index, external electric voltage, porosity coefficient, boundary condition, porosity distributions, and nonlocal parameter, respectively. The present results, when compared to those from published documents, have been evaluated and found to be both reliable and effective. This paper reports several new computational results that can be of great interest to researchers due to the innovative approach and both the development and future application for smart nanostructures.